Navigating the aftermath of a multi-vehicle collision can present significant challenges, particularly in jurisdictions with no-fault insurance systems. Such systems add a layer of complexity to the process of determining fault and pursuing compensation.

An individual’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance typically covers losses and injuries up to a specific threshold. When medical expenses or other damages exceed this threshold, it becomes essential to identify and hold the at-fault party responsible. This party may need to cover the additional costs and provide compensation for pain and suffering.

The situation is further complicated by recent legislative adjustments to negligence laws, which influence how victims can recover damages. For example, as of March 2023, a new regulation stipulates that victims deemed more than 50% responsible for a collision cannot receive compensation beyond what is provided by their PIP policy. Additionally, the recoverable damages are reduced in proportion to the victim’s level of fault.

Determine Liability in a Multi-Car Crash

In multi-car accidents, determining liability can be confusing. Typically, the driver who initiates the series of collisions is held accountable for all subsequent harm. For example, suppose one car rear-ends another, causing it to collide with a third vehicle. In that case, the first car’s driver is usually liable for damages to both the second and third vehicles.

However, assigning financial responsibility is only sometimes straightforward. Attorneys handling multi-party accidents will examine evidence, including witness statements, police reports, and expert analyses, to determine liability accurately.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Working with a trusted lawyer can significantly increase your chances of getting compensated by other drivers’ insurance. Attorney Leo Valdes can:

  • Take care of communicating with insurance companies on your behalf, ensuring they don’t misinterpret your statements as admitting fault.
  • Explore options for combining insurance from several vehicles for maximum compensation.
  • Investigate the possibility of suing negligent parties for damages not covered by your PIP insurance.
  • Evaluate if there are grounds for suing the city for poor road conditions that contributed to the crash.
  • Ensure all claims are filed and lawsuits initiated within the two-year deadline.

If you’re involved in a multi-car accident in Miami, Homestead, or Hialeah contact Leonard J. Valdes today for legal guidance. With over a decade of legal practice in South Florida, Leo is dedicated to your recovery and fighting for the compensation you deserve.