When you need a personal injury attorney wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who’s actually walked a mile in your shoes?

If the answer is yes, call South Florida personal injury attorney Leo Valdes.

Leo and his team will defend your rights and help get you the compensation you deserve. Leo admits he didn’t exactly take a direct route to his law practice. After high school, he spent five years in the Navy. At 23, he went to college by day and worked as an MIA baggage handler by night. After college, it was off to chiropractic school and then law school. Leo says his experience gives him a unique perspective and a unique empathy for his clients who are in pain following a personal injury accident because he’s been there.

Your back hurts so bad and you can’t even brush your teeth because you can’t lean forward to put water in your mouth because it hurts your back so much. I know what that’s like for my worker because you know I hurt my back when I worked in airlines. I know that from a chiropractor because I treated those patients and now I feel or I understand what people are going through now as a lawyer.

Leo meets every client he takes on and will often call them out of the blue just to check-in. If this sounds like your kind of personal injury attorney, call Leo Valdes today or visit valdeslaw.com.